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MrGrant A.K.A Jesse J Grant is a multi-talented musician, musical director, DJ, promoter and producer. J.G was born into a family of musicians, singers and preachers. As a young child , his parents noticed instantly his love for music, and especially his passion for the drums. 


As the years passed, Jesse gained more and more exposure, playing at local churches, with various solo artists, groups and choirs. While in primary school he was favoured as an advanced musician for his age. Mentor and a UK Drumming extraordinaire Jerry Brown (Westlife) said, “his talent and attitude will give him a long lasting career” and Junior Kirton (Alesha Dixon) said, “ He is a monster musician who plays like a seasoned veteran”. 


Today Jesse is consistently working at both ends of the music industry. His talent and versatility as a musician,  musical director and producer has helped him accumulate a wealth of experience in TV, Studio Recordings, Record Production and Live Stage performance's across many genres of music. Over the years, he has become a well respected musician with a drive for always achieving excellence. This passion, love and drive for music has allowed him to work with a number of great artists on all aspects of their musical journey.

His determination, faith, drive and undeniable love for his craft will play as key elements to his past, present and future success. 

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